A lovely and well used house

A lovely and well used house

A flat of 160 square meters, located in the widening of Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčabout 100 years old, which "fell" into the hands of Dara Díaz, founder of Nice Home Barcela, the studio in charge of adapting this dark and deteriorated house in two bright and independent houses, They share hall and decorative style.

Here we can see the result of a work oriented to the final objective of the owner, which was to allocate the houses for vacation rental.

The decoration should be practical and functional, but at the same time it was sought that the environments be chic and charming. In the rehabilitation, Nice Home Barcelona retained all the original elements of the construction that characterize this type of centennial housing. So the hydraulic floors were maintained, the old carpentry was recovered, pickled in broken white to give it an air vintage and high ceilings were respected in all rooms. In some, even, hidden beams were taken out.

The result falls in love. From a central hall, two floors, one on each side, with similar distribution: living area, dining room and kitchen in the same space, a bathroom and several bedrooms.

Project: Nice Home Barcelona
Photographer: Eric Pàmies

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View from the entrance to the day area with the three environments: living room, dining room and kitchen.

The couch

View of the sofa from one of the rooms. Neutral base tone and colored cushions. Ikea convertible sofa bed. Cushions in linen, velvet, klim ... As a coffee table a wicker trunk.

Living room and dining room in small space

Mini, this is the day zone, solved perfectly with basic pieces. Living room and dining room, which in turn have an integrated kitchen. The two floors created, have an identical day area.

Here, the sofa with chaise longue. A carpet delimits being. In the corner, the dining room.

The dinner room

The furniture chosen in all rooms is practical. In the dining room, a round table and light transparent chairs, which do not "fill" the space. On the wall, a beautiful mirror.

Mesa by Ikea.

Very natural

Wood and cane floor lamp, natural fiber carpet and linen curtains.

Neutral color base

The color base chosen for the house is very soft stone gray to provide light to the rooms and a warm touch.

Integrated kitchen

The kitchen is solved on a front with white furniture, white Silestone countertop and steel appliances.

The kitchen

High and low furniture, a mini sink and plate.

The hall

The corridor with the charm of the carpentry, the central window in the middle of the corridor, the floor of hydraulic tiles and lanterns. It is precisely the colors of the floor that inspired Nice Home Barcelona to use the color palette chosen in the environments. Thus there are strokes in indigo blue, turquoise, burgundy, stick pink or navy blue.

The hall

A couple of armchairs welcome you to the house Barcelona in white, a console and the colors of the window pane. Ceiling lamp, made with a basket as a screen, from Home Design International. This hall is a common space to both houses. The two houses depart from it through opposite doors. One of them with 3 bedrooms and the other with 4. Very similar in decorative style.

The bedroom

In the bedrooms we opted for total white, with white bedding and color notes on cushions and bedspreads. The accessories are from Calma House.

With headboard

Reading lamps are supported on the headboard. Next to the bed, a light console and a transparent stool as a dressing table or small study area.

White, pink and burgundy bedroom

White base and color in textiles. As a bedside table, a stool.

Almost identical

Another bedroom All bear similarities in decoration.

View from the lounge

View from the living room to one of the most spacious bedrooms, through a double door. Here the blue-gray hydraulic floor marks the color choice of textiles.

Bedroom with two beds

Two beds, headboard and a closet. All in white with textiles that put the color note: blue.

The bathroom with shower

The bathroom is decorated in soft brown tones (with hydraulic tiles). In the areas in contact with the water of the wall, tiles type Meter in white.