A surfer-style apartment in Paris

A surfer-style apartment in Paris

Seeing this interior of 43 square meters, we would say that we are in a cabin on the beach of the coast of California, Australia or some tropical country. But when we look out the window, it is not the sea that we see, but the Eiffel Tower and the Sacred Heart that reveal to us that we are between the X and XI districts of the French capital. "The west orientation of this floor provides a light during the sunset reminiscent of those on the beaches. That was the inspiration," confesses the interior architect Steve Baldini of the Baldini studio, responsible for this reform and decoration project. The first thing that was done was to reconfigure the spaces and eliminate the areas with little use, such as the corridor whose sole function was to give access to the bathroom and the kitchen. This, after demolishing the partition and reinforcing the structure with metal beams that were visible, became part of a single environment that shares with the living room. An island of three meters acts as a delimiter of the environments and as a dining table.

With the new distribution defined, it was time to bring the character to the house. "The owner loves to travel and always brings memories. We wanted to create an atmosphere in his image. It was warm, open, cheerful and with several seating areas," explains Steve. Wooden floors and paneling give the look cabin on the beach, which is enhanced by a pair of hanging chairs, comfortable and informal furniture, such as sofas Togo; pieces of natural fibers and touches something kitsch, like the surfboard or pink flamingo. The old suitcase as a coffee table, the photographs and the wallpapers with palm prints make us travel to warmer latitudes. Only an original element of the house, the stone fireplace, reminds us, in a subtle way, of the place in the world in which we find ourselves: Paris. Who said you couldn't have everything?

Photos: Adélaide Klarwein

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In Paris, this 43 square meter apartment renovated by Baldini Architecture d'interieur He takes us to a cabin on the beach.

Warm and informal

In the lounge area, couple of sofas Togo by Lignet Rosé, old suitcase as a coffee table and painting Picture Gallery Red from Farrow & Ball

Original item

The original, very Parisian fireplace was maintained.

Knock on wood

Light wood paneling of the walls and wallpaper Palm jungle from Cole & Son contribute that look "beach cabin. "

All in one

A corridor was removed to integrate the kitchen and take better advantage of the space.

The beautiful island

An island of three meters delimits the kitchen area and serves as a dining table. Rattan stools Bloomigville and hemp lamps Yaku from La Redoute.


When removing the corridor, the structure had to be reinforced with metal beams that were left visible.


The kitchen and entrance cabinets were custom designed to fit the space perfectly.

Smooth rolling

The pair of hanging chairs provide an informal touch and lightens the space.

Front view

Cozy, open and fun. The interior adapted to the personality of the owner.

Let's go surfing

A surfboard, the essential accessory in this interior.

Private areas

The bedroom, on the left, and the bathroom, on the right.

Sailor on land

The bathroom, with the blue and white as protagonists, reminds of the colors of the sea.

Relaxing bath

The exempt bath brings the luxurious touch to this room.

Quick shower

With industrial style screen.