Daily tasks to maintain order at home

Daily tasks to maintain order at home

We turn to the facts, to the action, so that a day does not arrive in the week when the house looks like a lion It gives more laziness when it seems that chaos has no remedy so we have made a list of tasks to carry out daily and help order reign at home.

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1. Leave the bed always made before leaving home. How ugly to get back from work and see the bed scrambled!

2. Clear the table After each meal, just finish. Do not lie on the couch before doing that. Fighting laziness is hard.

3. Pick up the kitchen. It is not enough to pick up the table and leave all the dishes in the kitchen. The sink is not a container. So quickly dishwasher dishes.

4. Before leaving a room, if you have finished what you were doing, take a look and pick it up.

5. Fold and store clothes in closets, both the one you've been wearing already aired as if you pick up the clothesline. If you pile up on a chair, the mountain will grow.

6. Consider doing a daily homework. Put a washing machine, irons, clean the dust, go shopping ... Only one per day to not accumulate them all. Separately each will only take a while.

Photos: Getty Images. Left, by Martin Leigh. Right by Brian Hagiwara

6. Throw away the trash. Do not accumulate it.

7. Plan meals the next day Spend a few days thinking about what you will eat and have dinner the next day. Look inside your fridge to see what runs the risk of breaking inside and take advantage of it.

8. Which one would you add in this place on the list? Surely you have some advice to share. Tell us!