10 outdoor pools to feel like a Norwegian salmon

10 outdoor pools to feel like a Norwegian salmon

The heat is approaching ... Little by little, yes, but it does, so you better get caught with the pool ready to dive! And in the meantime, as an appetizer… Here are 10 proposals that will refresh you just by seeing them!

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What will have the white pools that are so bucolic? Especially if they are attached to the sea ...

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the magic of the light

A few lanterns can turn your pool into a real fairy tale ...

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Your next destination will be a riad in Morocco ... and you know them!

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Reinvented Ruins

It will be for ideas! This house was a ruin ... and now a pool overlooking the sea!

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Because you ... You were born in the Mediterranean! Or not, but surely you love this Ibizan style pool.

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It looks like a river

But we assure you it is a pool! Ideal for those who seek maximum connection with nature ...

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Leave home ... and enter the pool! Literally…

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Wonderful! We do not know where it begins, or where it ends, but what we do know is that it is about paradise.

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You will not tell us that it is not the perfect place for a summer friends meeting ...

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At the border

This wooden bench attached to the pool is ideal for cooling off without leaving the site!

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