A 60 m² flat with retro elegance

A 60 m² flat with retro elegance

The curious and successful coexistence of old elements and state-of-the-art facilities solved the distribution of the few with success and functionality 60 m2 of this central Madrid apartment. A perfect solution for the Integral reform which divided, a while ago, a large house into two cozy apartments.

The protagonist space enjoys a great diaphanous distribution, with a practically square plant, from which the partitions and doors were removed. It is the structural elements of the house itself, both the original and the newly built, which mark the Decorative rhythm and distribution of furniture. They emphasize the iron pillars painted in white that delimit the living room; It also helps in this task a work module that on one side is a large closet and on the other, delimits the living area.

In addition, the organization of the kitchen, on two fronts, acts as a room divider, reinforced by a glass partition with acid stripes. The private spaces of the house required more privacy; for example the bathroom, independent and reduced, although perfectly equipped. As for the bedroom, depending on the occasion, the ideal was to isolate it or integrate it on demand, since visual communication with the living room is a pleasant feeling of spaciousness for the whole house. The solution came through a huge white sliding door that closed simulates a partition behind the sofa and open, blends in with the hallway.

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The balconies, forged and with beautiful wooden shutters, were respected as they were, although they were highlighted with white paint. In contrast, stand out the metal shelves of industrial air or the polished cement floor with radiant heating.

Armchair, by Natuzzi. Cushion Celestial Porcelain, of Designers Guild in Usera Usera. Shelves, by Leroy Merlin. Picture, of Habitat.

A very flowery center

Natural flowers are always a colorful decorative complement. The best seasonal bet is the combined wild varieties, which can be displayed in different vases to form a beautiful still life.

Openwork white vases and wooden tray, all from Habitat. Leaf-shaped dish with a painted parrot, from Zara Home.

Fireplaces decorate all year

A mouthpiece with charm is usually the center of all eyes. Decorate it with fresh flowers, pictures or photos to remember the summer season we enjoy.

Dining room: Everything fits

The furniture and accessories respond to a very studied eclecticism in which everything finds its place. A designer sofa, a retro air coffee table and romantic accessories elegantly decorate the living area.

Sofa, by Natuzzi. Cushions, by Designers Guild in Usera Usera and Habitat. On the table, white and blue vases, from Habitat.

Colors and furniture in tune

The total white in floors, walls and ceilings guarantees bright environments and in perfect balance.

Pieces vintage and of design they happen in the different atmospheres, surrounded by colorful textiles and details of romantic air. A mix of styles that always brings a plus to the final result.

For the dining room, located next to the kitchen, retro furniture was chosen, such as the table Tulip, of Knoll, and the chairs and the ceiling lamp; similar models, in El Ocho.

Warehouse areas

Taking advantage of the pillars or beams to create work cabinets is always a success. In this case, this idea was applied to create a warehouse module that also acts as a separating element and creates a passage area towards the kitchen.

Shared space

Being a diaphanous floor, the living room, dining room and kitchen are located one after the other; The iron pillars are fundamental as visual delimitation as well as the glass wall of the kitchen.

Sideboard art deco, of sale in Modernario. Shelves, by Leroy Merlin. Antique dining room chairs and ceiling lamp, similar in El Ocho.

Retro charm

For the dining area, a style sideboard was chosen art deco chairs vintage and a typical lamp from the 50s. The table is an original design from the 40s.

Sideboard by Modernario. Model table Tulip designed by Eero Saarinen for sale in Knoll. On the dining table, utensils from Habitat and Zara Home.

Full color kitchenware

Mix the dinnerware with uneven pieces of other games and complete the look With decorated napkins. You will achieve an informal table of the most chic and sophisticated, ideal for summer lunches and dinners.

Behind closed doors

The kitchen required some independence when preparing meals, to prevent smoke and odors from spreading throughout the house. It was resolved with a fixed glass partition and a door of the same material that allows the visual union of the spaces during the day.

The kitchen cupboards come from Dimanu Kitchens. Household, by Ikea and Habitat.

Functional and well equipped

Facing a decorative base with white as the predominant color, the choice of furniture in deep red for the kitchen was a success. The polished steel -present in appliances, countertop and baseboard- brings freshness in the same decorative line.

Kitchen furniture, from Dimanu. Dishes, from Ikea. The salad bowl and tea towels are from Habitat.

Utensils in sight

The walls are an excellent vertical storage space. Here, without dispensing with high cabinets, a shelf based on rack shelves and hooks was organized, all in stainless steel, functional and very decorative.

Attractive simplicity

When locating the bedroom, the existence of one of the large windows was taken into account, to guarantee the entry of light. Highlights the curious system installed throughout the house to hang the pictures; some rails right in the encounter between the wall and the ceiling that allows to locate the works easily in the desired place.

Bed linen and blue cushion, from Zara Home. Green and blanket cushions, from Designers Guild in Usera Usera.

The color, well measured

Indecisive and prudent will find the perfect solution to the use of color by betting on a white chromatic base and reserve the most intense and colorful tones for small accessories and textiles.

Mini toilets

The new collections of washbasins, showers and other elements of the bathroom have beautiful reduced models, which adapt to
All spaces Towel, from Zara home.

Distribution plan and ideas

Starting from an open floor plan, the environments are organized around a central work module that houses a large closet inside. Also as dividing elements, two iron pillars painted white visually separate the living room, dining room and kitchen.

The doors, very special, play a fundamental role in the organization of the house. A sliding and large format model hides the bedroom or integrates it according to the needs of each moment. For the kitchen, however, a partition and a glass door were chosen.