Super original headboards to renovate your bedroom

Super original headboards to renovate your bedroom

Ideas that go out of the conventional, to renew your headboard. We have selected several proposals for you to customize the headboard of your bed and give it a plus of style.

Advertising - Continue reading below 1 Optical effect

Draw a rectangular frame in green on an aquamarine background, both shades of Bruguer, and you will have a different headboard.

2 Painted on the wall

In this case, a classic purple design was chosen, which contrasts with the light lavender shade of the wall, both by Bruguer. A perfect solution to save space.

3 Do we play house?

In this bedroom, yes. Two wooden houses painted white and red stripes serve as headboards. And delighted children, of course!

4 Work: how practical!

Here the full width of the wall has been used to make a Pladur headboard with a shelf. Ideal for placing decorative objects or supporting a mirror.

5 Lots of cloth!

It is the basic number 1 to achieve a warm atmosphere in the bedroom. In this case, in addition to being used to cover the headboard, an extra decorative support has been created with a blue curtain suspended from a beam. Very rustic!

6 Integrated and functional

In this room a headboard with wooden slats has been built, which have been painted in the same tone as the wall (Jotun's toffee color). The best thing is that a small shelf has been left on which things can be placed.

7 With good handwriting

Two large navy cushions serve as a fluffy headboard, which is complemented by initials just above. Pure trend!

8 A recovered pallet

Look at this idea, by Leroy Merlin, and paint it white giving it a pickling effect. It looks great!

9 An adhesive border

This strip of flowers, by Petit Vinilo, frames the area of ​​the bed and there is no space left. In addition, it installs easily and is very economical. Can you ask for more?

10 100% customized

This headboard, from Rue Vintage 74, can serve as an inspiration to give a personal touch to your children's bedroom. The key? Paint his name and some other decorative motif. They will like it for sure!

11 Recycled doors

Old and rustic, they are ideal as a headboard. In this case, the surface has been gently sanded and anchored directly to the wall. The bedding is from Zara Home.

12 Decorative screen

This accessory not only serves to separate environments, and here is the proof. Choose a fabric model (it is more comfortable) and make it the protagonist of the sleeping area. The bedding is from Zara Home.