An apartment reinvented based on color and modernity

An apartment reinvented based on color and modernity

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To carry out its purpose in this charming apartment in the center of Madrid, the Rez Estudio team chose to combine an oak floor with black and white tones in two materials: iron and glass.

The glass would bring luminosity, and the lacquered iron would offer modernity.
The sheets of the hall are originals by Rafael Baena Carmona. Rez Study

Counting on a neutral space, of semi industrial character, they sought to mix materials and soft tones in larger furniture, with a predominance of color in accessories and decorative elements.

A natural wood table, or a sofa in a light gray tone, allows you to maintain the luminosity of the space without filling it.

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In the master bedroom an integrated suite bathroom was raised, as a hotel room, but giving the independence they need between them.

The shower and toilet were placed at the ends, closed with a floor-to-ceiling iron door with an anti-moisture treatment, and lacquered in matt black and textured glass.

In this way, it is impossible to see the interior but the light is allowed to pass.
Rez Study Rez Study Rez Study

The sink marks the separation between the two spaces and is incorporated into the bedroom through the sieve, conceiving a functional and lightweight furniture made to measure. It serves, on the one hand, as a bedroom closet, and on the other, supporting the bathroom area. In addition, a towel rail that serves the shower area and a large mirror were incorporated.

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Reform: Rez Estudio. Management: Minty Host