The transformation of this bedroom is absolute

The transformation of this bedroom is absolute

Miriam Yeleq

A bedroomBesides the place where you sleep, it should be that temple of relax in which you are happy with a book, mobile or your series. Do you know how to achieve it?

The Home Staging HS Decor team transformed a bland space into this unique environment, which invites you to curl up in the bed. The key is a comfortable distribution, in which the order reigns and there are no furniture that hinder the passage. These, like the mattress, should be comfortable. Try them before you buy them!

On the MaxColchon signature website you will find a search engine to choose yours based on your complexion, the heat you spend at night, the firmness you prefer ... Choose colors, textiles and details that reflect your personality. It is your territory. So let everyone know!

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The bedroom was a practical and aseptic space but at the same time, it was somewhat cold and impersonal. He shouted to introduce a color note, add cushions, hang illustrations or photographs of a personal nature, opt for the occasional design furniture that moved away from traditional proposals and plants that gave it life.

New bedding Miriam Yeleq

Starting from a neutral background will make decoration much easier. Everything will be fine! You can opt for a plain and white bedding, and add a color point with blankets, cushions and plaids. These are from Zara Home. For the headboard wall, choose a box that fits in the space, but also that is special for you. Work, by Javier Madrid.

Cushions of different sizes Miriam Yeleq

Make your bed cozy and worthy of uploading to Instagram, with cushions. The ideal is to play with three different measures, group them by sizes -from major to minor-, and start with the big ones resting on the pillow. To achieve a visual impact set, choose fabrics in harmonic color ranges and different patterns, but do not alternate more than three different prints.

Bedside table Miriam Yeleq

Make a difference with the bedside table. Why not place a side table? Here an Ixia model was chosen, with a curved design of visually very light rods that, in addition, breaks with the straight lines of the headboard.

Lamp and carpet of white hair, from Zara Home.

You have room? Acknowledgments: Century 21 real estate.

Create a special corner for that activity with which you dream the rest of the day: do yoga, read, knitting ... Reserve the entrance of natural light to place a comfortable seat, and accompany it with a support point for books or the material you use. Armchair, from Crisal. Flower pot, from H&M Home. At the foot of the bed, bench, Zara Home.

Carpet Miriam Yeleq

The flowers will reveal that you are cheerful and vital. Distribute vases with colorful and delicate arrangements on the tables, on the dresser or on the closet.

Table, from Zara Home. Carpet by Gancedo.

In tray!

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160 €

Golden metal table, from Zuiver. It measures 50 x 57 cm. In

Feminine touch Pip Studio

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29,95 €

Pip Studio cushion Pink square, in 45 x 45 cm.

Reserved seating Miriam Yeleq

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309 €

With anti-stain upholstery, armchair Arck, by Kave Home, on