Fine pea cream, one of the richest recipes for heat

Fine pea cream, one of the richest recipes for heat

Did you know that peas are not a vegetable? Actually peas are a legume like chickpeas or lentils. However, they have a very low caloric intake and are rich in protein, so they come in luxury in dietary diets or hypocaloric diets.

100 gr of peas provide: Calories 80 kcal - Proteins: 5.3 gr - Fat: 0.4 gr - Carbohydrates: 10 gr - Fiber: 7.8 gr - Calcium: 25 mg - Iron: 1.5 mg - Magnesium: 27 mg - Potassium : 340 mg - Phosphorus: 122 mg

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What do you need to prepare this fine pea cream?

- 500 grams of fresh peas
- 350 ml of vegetable stock
- leek
- liquid cream (optional)
- olive oil
- Salt


Cut the peas and set aside. Put a pot to heat with two tablespoons of oil and, when hot, add half chopped leek. Lower the heat and stir.

Incorporate the peas And a little salt. Add 350 ml of vegetable stock. Let cook until tender, 3-5 minutes. Remove part of the liquid and some peas to decorate the final dish.

Go through the parade or crush the cream in the blender by adding 2 knives. Of olive oil. If you want it to be creamier, put two tablespoons of cream. Stir, rectify the salt point and, if it is too thick, add more cooking liquid.

Serve the pea cream in a bowl or bowl decorating with cooked peas and watering with a thin thread of olive oil.

The result can not be more appetizing:

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