IKEA teaches you how to make your own Christmas decorations

IKEA teaches you how to make your own Christmas decorations


Do you want to give a personal, original and fun touch to your Christmas decoration without spending hardly any money (or even without leaving a single euro)? We supposed it, us too ... 😌

That's why we have been researching on the IKEA website and ... tachán! We have found three DIY ideas that we plan to implement as soon as possible: how to set up a house with gingerbread cookies; how to make ornaments by recycling; and how to make a nice napkin ring. You dare?

When the parties pass you can eat it, but in the meantime ... Hold on! Out jokes, this gingerbread house It's a great idea if there are children in sight. In addition, they surely love to participate in its creation.

Are you worried about sustainability? You do well, since Christmas is usually the time of the year where it is most wasted. To take care of the planet and have a house the sea of ​​cool, learn to Design your own ornaments using ... pasta cutters! Yes, the same ones you use to cook those delicious cookies.

There is life beyond the centerpieces, and this original napkin ring It proves it! Make one for each guest and be sure they will ask you where you bought them (you may even decide to show them this video).

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