Holiday home: South Goblin

Holiday home: South Goblin

A vitalistic eclecticism, summary of experiences, trips and personal tastes, is the decorative soul of this detached house located on the warm Costa del Sol. Owned by a foreign family, it acts as a holiday retreat both in winter and in summer, hence the surprising sensation of freshness and warmth that is perceived equally in each room. The organization with the hall as a nerve center and distributor at the same time pursues the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčopen and communicated spaces.

A perfect fusion of environments that was achieved by dispensing with doors in common areas and also thanks to the choice of a magnificent mud floor for the whole house. Starting from this base, the owner of the house, along with Christine Van Hoecke, owner of the Araxan store, They opted for a neutral base with walls, ceilings and beams painted in white to give free rein to the color and patterns of diverse origin with a clear predominance of blue in honor of the nearby Mediterranean Sea. On the personal land the owner - passionate about the textile world - wanted to dress the house with numerous overlapping carpets, most of them brought from Morocco, cushions of ethnic air next to others of flowers acquired in Brussels and Provence and colorful bedspreads and blankets in beds purchased in Asia. A nice sample of his many trips around the world.

The powerful natural light of the area and the views of the leafy garden of the house They were key in the choice of light white curtains to dress the numerous windows of the house although, as protection in the hottest hours, all have additional burlap fabrics. A very decorative solution that also guarantees privacy in the bedrooms that overlook the garden.

Advertising - Keep reading under A porch with views

During the summer the porch becomes a continuation of the room with its carpets, cushions and even white curtains to protect from excessive clarity at certain times of the day.
Stool, trays and kilims from Africa. Cushions, from Becara. Visillo, from Ikea.

An ideal porch to relax in the fresh air

The attractive corners of rest and relaxation follow each other throughout the house and, of course, reach the porch and the garden. Here a couple of canvas armchairs make up a privileged environment, for its pleasant views and for its freshness.
Folding armchairs, from Habitat. Curtains acquired in Ikea.

The entrance to the house

The hall was conceived as one more room, with storage capacity to store, and separated from the living room only by a simple white canvas curtain that helps to gain luminosity.
The bank, with a flip top and coat hanger in the upper part, is from Flamant, for sale in Araxan. Curtain, from the same store. The klim is old.

A console with history

Half moon console: it is a typical piece of the 70s, attractive and functional when it comes to creating a practical corner in a small space. Here, next to a chair, forms a comfortable work area.

A room enriched with unique pieces

Old pieces, painted or reupholstered, and strategically placed gain strength and personality. They are the decorative soul of the living area.
Armchairs and coffee table upholstered with Becara fabric, by Araxan. Vichy reupholstered chair in a London store. Esparto carpet, by Araxan.

Room in turquoise and white

The link between such diversity in colors and backgrounds is achieved with the predominance of basic turquoise blue. A tone that brings calm and perfectly welcomes the presence of varied ranges and patterns.
Armchairs and table upholstered with a blue ottoman, from Becara.

Textiles combined

Yes to daring mixtures. The most folk prints share atmosphere with other Provençals, old kilims and plaids, such as the one that covers the table, which is from Tangier. Pure explosion of color that gives a bohemian and very personal air to the environment.

Dining room with solera

The spacious kitchen allowed to include a quite generous dining room that is actually the main one of the house, since in the living room there were not enough meters to include one. The search for traditional spaces in this environment was reinforced with converted old furniture, such as the German cupboard or the English sideboard.
Chairs, from El Rastro. Cushions, from Côte Soleil-Marbella. Ceiling lamp, from Ikea.

Traditional air kitchen

The kitchen, made to measure, was equipped with traditional furniture in tune with the rest of the house. Avant-garde designs or appliances were avoided and old details and accessories were used instead.
Kitchen furniture custom made by Carpintería San José.

Very personal ornaments

Those details that we usually place without paying attention define, and much, the final result of a space. To personalize it, nothing like exposing memories, photos or even those shells that we picked up on the beach that summer.

Outdoor furniture

You may already have enough pieces for the garden, although they may not combine with each other. A good advice is to apply to all of them an identical paint hand to integrate them into the same game. Cushions and plaids are important allies.

Fusion with the garden

The huge windows allow you to enjoy the beauty of the well-kept garden - which has a pool in the center -, from inside the house. The exterior decoration was also taken care of maintaining the same traditional and unique pattern in the choice of furniture.
Painted wooden lounger acquired in a Brussels street market.

The decorated pottery

These pieces of a lifetime regain prominence in the country and summer houses. They become excellent decoration for antique cupboards next to fresh flower bouquets.

Private corners

Sometimes fluffy cushions are enough to achieve a redoubt of privacy where we disconnect from the world. If you have a chance, set up your own shelter in the cool of the afternoon.

The guest room

The guest bedroom has a very colorful decoration in which different prints participate.
Headboards upholstered with Becara fabric. Carpet by Araxan. The bedspreads were bought in Brussels.

Master bedroom in warm tones

The reds and the cauldron tones star in the master bedroom in the form of textiles of very diverse origin and style. We found an old kimlim as a quilt with the red vichy of the armchair or the stripes of the curtains.
Fiber carpet, curtains, armchair and pouf, by Araxan.

Bedroom in perfect order

The studied symmetry between auxiliary furniture and accessories conveys a sense of order in the master bedroom. Also the series of pictures in a row on the headboard or the suitcases stacked at the foot of the bed reinforce this feeling.
Fabrics, lamps, suitcases and carpet, from Araxan. The pillows are from the Côte Soleil Marbell store.

A bathroom with a lot of charm

Some antiques and pieces of almoneda found their place in the spacious main bathroom, spacious, bright and with a decoration inspired by the rooms of the beginning of the last century.
Towels, by Araxan.

Plan and distribution of housing

- Textures, colors, styles and patterns of textiles play a vital role in the final decoration of a space. In the case of curtains, for example, your style will mark and impregnate the rest of the room. In the bathroom, the lace shower curtains convey romanticism to an environment that is completed with towels with lace and antique pieces.

- The choice of prints It must be done by imagining the final set, since it will visually affect the whole set. The stripes, as in this case those of the bedspread covering the bed, can create a feeling of spaciousness. In this case, along.

- To get a merger Adequate of the different prints, without producing stridencies or reloading the decoration too much, it is key first, to opt for a clear and calm tone as the predominant base in the coatings. In addition, it is also important to choose a single color range for all textiles that unifies the entire set.